As every year comes to an end many take it as a time for reflection, however, most don’t reflect on network security…. but perhaps they should. Did you know that 2015 brought fortified data security laws for Casper and the rest of Wyoming? As of July of 2015 WY Stat § 40-12-501 broadened the definition of Personal Information while WY Stat § 40-12-502 implemented new Breach notification requirements. The IT support professionals at Medicine Bow Technologies have teamed up with Wyoming Contractors Association Regional Training Center to recap it for you!

Personal Identifying Information as defined by WY Stat § 40-12-501 is “the first name, or first initial and last name, in combination with one or more of the following data elements when either the name or the data elements are not redacted:

  • Social security number;
  • Driver’s license number or Wyoming identification card number;
  • Credit or debit account number(s) or card number in combination with any security code, access code or password that would allow access to a financial account of the person;
  • Tribal identification card; or
  • Federal or state government issued identification card.

Senate File No. SF0036 expanded this definition to include:

  • Shared secrets or security tokens used for data based authentication;
  • Username or email address, in combination with a password or security question that would permit access to an online account;
  • Birth or marriage certificate;
  • Medical information;
  • Health insurance information; and
  • Unique biometric data.

Previously, WY Stat § 40-12-502 required breach notifications be provided to affected Wyoming residents on becoming aware of a system breach where a “misuse of personal identifying information about a Wyoming resident has occurred or is reasonably likely to occur.” Those affected were provided with toll-free contact information to the responsible party collecting data where they may also learn contact information for the major credit reporting agencies.

Senate File No. SF0035 expanded breach notification to include additional requirements for breach notifications. Notifications are now also required to include: a description of the type of information involved in the breach; a general description of the circumstances involved; if reasonably possible to determine the approximate date of the breach; the actions taken to prevent further breaches; and advice to ‘remain vigilant’ by reviewing account statements and monitoring credit reports.

Wyoming joined a growing number of states in 2015 that toughened their data privacy laws. Your business could be impacted if you own or license data of Wyoming residents. Beware of the potential for unforeseen costs to correctly respond with proper notice and required information upon a breach. Medicine Bow Technologies has offices in Laramie and Casper Wyoming allowing us to serve customers across Wyoming and Northern Colorado. We have a team prepared to assist you with your network security and IT support needs. We serve our Casper, Laramie, Cheyenne, and Grand Junction customers in healthcare, education, government, energy and small business. Contact Medicine Bow Technologies today, and let us help you strengthen your network security!