1. Cybersecurity Tips for 2021

    In 2020, many American businesses made changes that opened up unmatched opportunities for cybercriminals. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics reveal an increase in hacked and breached data from sources that are increasingly common in the workplace, like mobile and smart devices. These devices have quickly become integral to the connectivity and productivity of remote staff and are easier to access than ever before. This access, combined w…Full Article

  2. How to Prevent a Business Email Compromise Attack

    Did you know? Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most common threats today. It employs tactics like impersonating an executive, HR, or a trusted vendor to initiate fraudulent transfers of money. According to the FBI, $1.7 billion was lost to BEC in 2019 alone. Here are tips from the FBI to stay secure: Be Skeptical: Last-minute changes in wiring instructions or recipient account information must be verified. Don’t Click It: Verify an…Full Article

  3. Cybersecurity keeping you up at night? You aren’t alone.

    Cybersecurity keeping you up at night? You aren’t alone. “Hospital hit with massive ransomware attack” – It’s becoming an increasingly frequent headline and one you don’t want to be a part of. If stories like that are keeping you and your hospital’s security team up at night, you aren’t alone. With rising instances of ransomware and the increasing sophistication of attacks, who could blame you? Connected medical devices, BYOD, e…Full Article

  4. Top 10 Smart City Trends for 2018

    Top 10 Smart City Trends for 2018 Did you know that Smart Cities are poised to drive significant change in how we work, play and learn in 2018? Thanks to the explosion in big data analytics capabilities and mobile, real-time video/information sharing, historians may someday look back on this year as the fulcrum upon which technology and government fully meshed to turn their communities in a more vibrant direction. So it’s critical that those …Full Article