1. SolarWinds Hack News 1-5-2021

    The details and scope of this event continue to evolve and I don't think we know the full nature of what has happened yet. New information that has emerged since our previous post includes: Initial reports said the attackers were in place since March, but we now know that the attackers conducted a dry run as a test as early as October 2019. They were probably in place a long time before that. This is likely a multi-year effort and we may never kn…Full Article

  2. Inside The SolarWinds Hack

    I'm sure you've seen the headlines regarding the SolarWinds hack. SolarWinds is a company that makes tools network guys use to run things, and they now find themselves at the center of a massive breach targeting federal agencies. The SolarWinds product that was compromised was their Orion solution stack. This software is used by large enterprises to monitor and run EVERYTHING. The background to this attack is fascinating, so here is a look into s…Full Article

  3. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips

    It's Holiday Season for the bad guys too! But not the way you might think. They go into scam-overdrive mode. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest online shopping days and the bad guys are planning to get rich with your money. So, here are this year's Top 10 Holiday Cybersecurity Alert Tips: Keep all devices up to date with good security tools to lessen your chance of becoming the victim. Practice good IT hygiene. Only connect to known Wi…Full Article

  4. Cybercriminals Can Now Bypass Security Solutions and Implant Malicious Emails Directly Into Inboxes

    It's Every Phisher's Dream "It’s every phisher's dream and should be your nightmare: a means to bypass all that security software designed to weed out malicious emails, attachments and links. Well, it’s here. According to security analysts at Gemini Advisory, the tool known as “Email Appender” has hit the market on the dark web." The takeaway from this is that you MUST be training your users on security hygiene on an ongoing basis. Read m…Full Article