While the landscape of cyber security is constantly evolving, many network security principles remain the same, focusing on the way business manage their online presence and store and transmit important business information. To help you build an IT solution that fits your needs, we are providing descriptions of some of the most basic requirements for IT security. Of course this doesn’t replace a quality IT service company such as Medicine Bow Technologies. We always recommend meeting with an IT consulting firm to discuss your specific needs and constraints.

Passwords – Setting expectations and implementing optimal passwords for your company is essential to maintain the integrity of internal systems, network access, email, and just about anything that requires protected access.

Internet Use Guidelines – It is inevitable that employees will use the internet while at work. Acknowledging this and implementing guidelines for internet usage will help to secure your company from online security threats.

Information Procedures – When dealing with sensitive information, it is important to have procedures in place to ensure employees act with an appropriate level of protection. The creation of data protection policies and protocols provides guidance to employees for keeping your business safe and running smoothly.

Backup Information – Security breaches happen and data is lost every day. While some breaches are carried out in an attempt to steal information, many are simply an act of destruction. To keep your business safe from all theft and destructive attacks, it is critical that you back your information up in a secure location. This advice applies to internal accidents and system failures as well as IT security breaches.

While we do not recommend going it alone when it comes to IT security, these tips will help to reduce risks as you carry out your daily business. Contact Medicine Bow Technologies for the best healthcare, government, education, and business IT support, service, solutions, and security in Wyoming and Northern Colorado.