1. Does Your IT Provider Have a Backup and Recovery Plan?

    Data protection. It sounds boring … but stick with us. When it’s not taken seriously by , it can quickly become the stuff of nightmares. As Equifax, Uber and Marriott International (among so many others) have learned the hard way. Equifax fell victim to hackers in 2017 who absconded with data from an estimated 143 million customers. The root cause for this brutal cyberattack? Failure on the part of Equifax to do a simple patch update. Uber pa…Full Article

  2. How to Secure Your IoT Devices

    “Alexa, are you a security risk?” Over the last few years, IoT (the Internet of Things) has steadily and quietly been playing a bigger role in our lives. Whether it’s a smart speaker at home, a WiFi-enabled security camera at Starbucks or that new smart thermostat at your office, IoT devices are everywhere. According to an SDX Central report, we spent over $1 trillion on IoT devices worldwide, just last year. That means there are up to near…Full Article

  3. Microsoft Exchange Server Hack News 3-30-2021

    Microsoft Exchange Server Hack News 3-30-2021 Barely months after the world became aware of the most damaging data breach in history, the SolarWinds breach, comes the largest data breach in history, the Microsoft Exchange Server hack. While the SolarWinds event puts the number of affected networks in the 18,000+ range, current estimates say more than 80,000 networks are affected by this event. Microsoft quickly made patches available to fix the p…Full Article