1. E-rate: Trick or Treat?

    E-rate: Trick or Treat? Applying for E-rate can be tricky at times. With its complicated processes and strict form deadlines, it can feel like you are applying for funds that are sometimes difficult to get. Rest assured though, there really are funds at the end of the E-rate rainbow for you to take advantage of ($3.9B worth, to be exact). Wouldn’t you like to treat yourself to some of those dollars to improve your network infrastructure? Thin…Full Article

  2. How is Your Organization Intersecting with IoT?

    How is Your Organization Intersecting with IoT? At the Cisco Toronto Innovation Centre, we’re always looking to the future, including how the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is transforming. We see this firsthand as our centre provides a “home” for our Cisco sales teams to partner with customers, academia, and start-ups. Together, teams rely on our Toronto Centre, and other centres around the world, to co-develop scalable solutions with s…Full Article

  3. Encrypted Traffic Analytics – Why Should You Care?

    I was recently introduced to Dave McGrew – Cisco’s version of Yoda! This unassuming, humble engineer looks like a geography teacher and is the kind of guy who creates encryption algorithms in his spare time as a hobby – just like we might do crosswords (OK, I don’t do crosswords but you get my point). However, Dave is a Cisco Fellow – to put this in perspective Cisco has over 20,000 world-class engineers but it only has about 15 Fello…Full Article

  4. You Thought Ransomware Was Bad

    In the never-ending escalation of cyber threats, an emerging type of attack could dramatically raise the stakes. Called Destruction of Service (DeOS), these attacks could soon become common — and devastating. As outlined in Cisco’s Midyear Cybersecurity Report (download it here), behavior such as locking systems and encrypting data are precursors to DeOS. Right now, federal agencies and other organizations can usually recover from malware or …Full Article