1. Physical Security Isn’t Just Locks on the Doors

    Do you have a computer time out policy that turns off your screen within a few minutes of walking away? Do you have sticky notes on your monitor or passwords under your keyboard? Is your smartphone (with your business email on it) password protected? Are the network jacks in your public areas secure? Are your monitors turned so that the general public walking by in the hall can't see your screens? Physical security is just as important as virtual…Full Article

  2. Macs are not immune to Ransomware

      Ransomware as a service software targeting the Mac operating system was recently discovered on the dark web.  For the full article, check out this link http://www.zdnet.com/article/ransomware-as-a-service-schemes-are-now-targeting-macs-too/ to the article by Danny Palmer, June 12, 2017. Many people think they are safer with Mac products, yet new attack software is emerging and is expected to continue to grow.  "Uncovered by cybersecurity…Full Article

  3. WannaCry Ransomware’s Real Victim: Your local corner store

    WannaCry ransomware's real victim: Your local corner store Six out of 10 small businesses shut down after cyberattacks. Here's why. by Alfred Ng   May 20, 2017 5:00 AM PDT These businesses may be small, but they're a big draw for hackers. Thanks to WannaCry, ransomware has taken the world by storm, without any discretion on whose computers it holds hostage. It'll lock down hospitals, mailrooms, banks, schools -- if it has a vulnerable computer …Full Article

  4. A Note to MBT Customers on Ransomware

    To MBT Customers: If you have the latest patches on your Windows machines, tested backups, and Sophos Intercept X (anti-ransomware product) then you have taken best practices provisions to protect yourself against the new WannaDecrypt0r Ransomware that came out last Friday.  If you are a MBT Total or Proactive Managed Services client then Sophos Intercept X and patches are part of your service with MBT, and again, you are following best practice…Full Article