1. Break Fix Versus Managed Services for Information Technology

    Break-Fix The traditional method of IT management for smaller companies is break-fix.  What is break fix? Examples of a company that relies on break-fix information technology methods are shown below. You only call your information technology company when there is a problem. Equipment breaks and you either fix it or replace it. You have a do-it-yourself backup system that replicates to an externa…Read More

  2. Understanding your Cyber Security Risk

    StaySafeOnline.org provides some great tips that can help small and medium businesses understand the cyber security risk small and medium businesses face. Smaller businesses are becoming bigger targets for cybercriminals because criminals understand that they have fewer defense resources than large enterprises. As Casper's leading provider of IT service for schools, businesses, healthcare faciliti…Read More

  3. Managing Risks In Your eCommerce Business

    Nearly unlimited access to the internet has given rise to a generation of entirely new entrepreneurs. No longer is it necessary to secure a bank loan or office space to start a business; all you need is an internet connection and something to sell. Ecommerce businesses are the success story of the 21st century, allowing anyone with a good idea for goods and services to hang up their digital “shi…Read More