1. Physical Security Isn’t Just Locks on the Doors

    Do you have a computer time out policy that turns off your screen within a few minutes of walking away? Do you have sticky notes on your monitor or passwords under your keyboard? Is your smartphone (with your business email on it) password protected? Are the network jacks in your public areas secure? Are your monitors turned so that the general public walking by in the hall can't see your screens?…Read More

  2. Break Fix Versus Managed Services for Information Technology

    Break-Fix The traditional method of IT management for smaller companies is break-fix.  What is break fix? Examples of a company that relies on break-fix information technology methods are shown below. You only call your information technology company when there is a problem. Equipment breaks and you either fix it or replace it. You have a do-it-yourself backup system that replicates to an externa…Read More

  3. MBT and Stalkups RV Team Up to Gain PCI Compliance

    With the threat of cybercrime, it is important that companies make sure their customer information is secure, including PCI (Payment Card Industry) information. Medicine Bow Technologies recently helped Stalkups RV meet PCI compliance with network and workstation security related updates. To reduce the number of points of failure MBT’s systems engineer drafted a fresh network design, installed t…Read More