Regardless of your business, the odds are that your computer system stores large amounts information that is either sensitive or vital to your daily operations. Now imagine that an unforeseen disaster destroys your hardware and wipes out all of your data. Would you be able to keep going? How much time and money would you have to put into rebuilding your business? Data is nothing new, and its loss is not a rare occurrence. Fire, theft, cyber attacks, floods, and vandalism can all leave you at a loss. Don’t be a victim, prepare for the unexpected by backing up your important information. But where should your backup data actually be stored?

On-Site Backup is the most basic form of computer backup. This can be done within the same computer, on a local server, or on another computer or external drive. On-site computer backups only really protect you from a hard drive crash, and devices in the same location may not help you recover from theft, vandalism, or virus attacks. Backing up your computer on-site is the minimum amount of protection you can have.

Off-Site Backup is much more secure than on-site approaches. This is because a fire, thief, or vandal is likely to cause harm to more than one piece of hardware if they are all in the same location. If this is the case you will want to back your data up in a completely different location. Off-Site Backup is highly recommended to protect against all location-specific threats to your data.

Cloud Backup is a popular way to back up data for a variety of businesses. In the case of a flood that affects an entire town, your data is kept safe and accessible. The largest issue with this type of system is that you are no longer in total control of your data, and protection against cyber attacks will always be a concern. While cloud services claim to be secure, nothing is 100% safe.

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