November 14:

As part of Medicine Bow Technologies’ commitment to staying current in the field of IT service, I have come to Las Vegas in pursuit of the “Cisco Certified Design Professional” (CCDP) certificate.

If this blog didn’t exist, I would not have to ruefully admit, teeth still clenched, that I did not pass muster on the SWITCH exam.  But the cursed blog does exist, it is bigger than Vegas itself.

I choked.

I shouldn’t have attempted the trial by fire on Friday the 13th.  That was dumb.  Now I have to change the plan.  No cramming for ROUTE this weekend.  If I tried that, all the switching stuff crammed into my 8-ball-shaped head would start coming out my ears.  I will have to ease back on the throttle, set the flaps and wait 10 days before I again run the risk of total humiliation by taking the switching exam again.

Boot camp sucks.  On to Routing class, is there a better way to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday in Las Vegas?

My efforts to increase my professional knowledge base for the benefit of our IT service clients in Casper and elsewhere will continue. Visit Medicine Bow Technologies to learn more.

More reports on my Cisco networking education will follow.

Update 2/23: MBT is now a Cisco Select Certification partner, allowing us to provide superior Cisco networking to all of Colorado and Wyoming!