“How many days of work can I afford to lose?”Data Loss Causes

This is the single most important question to ask yourself when thinking about backing up documents within your business.

Everyone has something to lose.  Maybe its family photos, maybe it’s important work materials, maybe it’s your client list that you spent months working on.  The fact is, files are precious and we need them on hand and accessible.

Data Loss can happen at any time and it usually occurs when we least expect it.  Everyone will experience this at least once in their life.  Maybe you accidentally erase your data, maybe you lose your laptop or maybe the hard drive fails on your server.

It’s a scary thought thinking about your valuable data and the potential for it to become unreadable or lost, but it doesn’t have to be!!

Medicine Bow Technologies in conjunction with Dell’s Data Protection Rapid Recovery Backup Solution can provide a complete and automated solution for your business.  We have in-house experts to make sure the solution we provide to your business is tailored to your needs, cost effective and complete.