With people working remotely, and IT infrastructures, data, and applications moving to the Cloud, we’re seeing a fundamental shift in how business operates. Attackers are also adapting, leveraging a combination of automation and hands-on-keyboard. IT security experts need a new approach to take cybersecurity into the future. Sophos is delivering new innovations in cross-product detection and response, security services, and network security, all available for the new reality of IT from anywhere.

The future arrived early! So join us, MBT, and our friends at Sophos to find out more.

The future has arrived:
Join us to learn how to defend against the unforeseen

May 5, 2021 | 10:00 AM MDT

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Attackers are aggressively migrating to less detectable techniques through a combination of automation and hands-on-keyboard. Many of today’s security approaches, built using the rear-view mirror of prior attacks, are not going to see what is coming.
Join us on May 5, where we’re giving all our customers around the world a unique opportunity to hear about our industry-first innovations to give IT experts like you a proactive security system. Plus, you’ll:
Hear how Sophos is evolving detection and response, services, and secure access
Learn first-hand from Sophos experts about emerging cybersecurity strategies
Discover the proactive security system you’ll need to see the future and protect your environments
The future has arrived – Register today to see how to provide the best protection against the cyber threats of tomorrow.