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MBT Managed Services Provider

MBTotal Managed Services

is the watchful eye to ensure your IT equipment and systems serve your business with the utmost efficiency. MBTotal Managed Services increases uptime, catches viruses and malware, and reduces your risk to system failure and cyber-attack.

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Unlike our competitors, MBTotal Managed Services is executed in your own IT environment, not in a hosting center. We have technology to monitor and protect your equipment from your own office and do not require an expensive equipment migration.

Total Managed Services

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Managed Service is Proactive Security Intelligence where MBT becomes your sentinel.

It rolls all of the security and monitoring software your business needs into one package resulting in MBT’s ability to watch your traffic and equipment for threat and failures, report back to you, and make the decision together about what work needs to be done.

This product is perfect for the overworked IT professional in your company. It allows your IT staff to focus on IT projects by removing the time consuming and routine inspections that need to be completed on a daily basis.

This product is also good for small companies that
are budget conscious and want to keep a tight rein
on IT costs.

total managed service

Total Managed Service (TMS) adds Full Risk Diversification to Proactive Security Intelligence.

TMS includes all of the security and monitoring software your business needs, MBT sentinels to watch your traffic and  equipment, and it also includes full remediation of problems encountered before your users notice.

TMS includes a dedicated account team that knows your infrastructure and is automatically authorized to react quickly to install fixes either remotely or in-person. Because you may not
even know what is breaking or at risk to infection, TMS includes detailed, routine reports that list each issue resolved.

This product is perfect for the business without IT staff
or for the business that has overextended IT staff.

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