With the threat of cybercrime, it is important that companies make sure their customer information is secure, including PCI (Payment Card Industry) information.

Medicine Bow Technologies recently helped Stalkups RV meet PCI compliance with network and workstation security related updates. To reduce the number of points of failure MBT’s systems engineer drafted a fresh network design, installed tamperproof anti-virus software, updated the firmware, and enabled strong wireless encryption. Finally, to protect Stalkups from potential data loss in the case of cyber-crime or system malfunction, a data backup system was installed that meets industry best practices.

But network security isn’t the end of it. Human factors of security needed to be addressed too.  After a thorough assessment of Stalkups processes and policies, MBT helped write an Incident Response Plan and Acceptable Use Policy to set the proper security standards for the company and convey this information to the employees.

Stalkups RV can now claim that, along with being the Largest RV Outfitter in the Rockies, they are ready to attest for PCI DSS, thus keeping their customer’s purchasing information secure. Stalkups is prepared with good policies to train employees and has the peace of mind that if something did happen they could recover their data from tested backups.