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What is the strategic formula for IT success?

We provide IT service solutions that are effective, proactive, and tailored to our clients' needs.

LogoThe Laramie Operations Center and MBTracker actively monitor your critical systems 24X7. System events are identified, tracked, mitigated, and placed in customer reports.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Backups Status: Ensuring your backups are successfully running at the required times.

Hardware Errors: Before hardware fails it often shows errors. MBT can monitor all your networked hardware for errors, from printer ink being low to servers running out of disk space.

Network & Load Monitoring: MBT can monitor your network and tell if switches, routers, or VPNs fail and then remediate the failure before your users notice. MBT can provide reports to show you network utilization by device, CPU load per device, net flow statistics (if applicable), network response time, device uptime, and overall network performance.

Periodic Monitoring and Services

Patching & Updates: The Laramie Operations Center will take care of your Patch Tuesday headaches by providing a routine schedule for patching, communicating with the necessary parties, performing the updates, and sending you a report on
the success rate.

Security Scanning: MBT can scan your network files for credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other sensitive formatted numbers. In addition, email protection tools can be added to filter this information from any outgoing emails. We
recommend a minimum of quarterly scans. 

Inventory: Often IT and Accounting inventories don’t match up. MBT can scan your network and retrieve a solid inventory with serial numbers, operating systems and out of warranty dates. We recommend completing an inventory on an annual basis.

Ticket System Reporting: Routine (usually monthly) reports will be sent to you by your Account Manager to ensure that you understand your overall network risk factors.

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