Microsoft Exchange Server Hack News 3-30-2021

Barely months after the world became aware of the most damaging data breach in history, the SolarWinds breach, comes the largest data breach in history, the Microsoft Exchange Server hack. While the SolarWinds event puts the number of affected networks in the 18,000+ range, current estimates say more than 80,000 networks are affected by this event.

Microsoft quickly made patches available to fix the problem, but the bad guys are faster at exploiting a vulnerability than the good guys are at patching it, and the results can only be described as carnage as the Chinese hacking group know as Hafnium rushed to take advantage. The attacks began in early January, with the cybersecurity firm Volexity being the first to identify the exploit.

“Solarwinds was bad. But the mass hacking going on here is literally the largest hack I’ve seen in my fifteen years,” said David Kennedy, CEO of cybersecurity firm TrustedSec. “In this specific case, there was zero rhyme or reason for who [attackers] were hacking. It was literally hack everybody you can in this short time window and cause as much pandemonium and mayhem as possible.”

To further complicate things for those companies affected, there are reports of cybersecurity insurance claims getting denied as insurance companies label this event an act of war, which is excluded in many policies.

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Elmer Robinson, Cybersecurity Director, MBT
Elmer Robinson, Cybersecurity Director, MBT