Microsoft Scrambles to Fix Worse Windows Issue ‘In Recent Memory’

by Brooke Crothers, published May 11,2017, Fox News

There’s a hole in Windows big enough that Microsoft did an emergency fix this week.

Called the “worst Windows remote code exec in recent memory” and “crazy bad” by the Google security expert that discovered it, the malware requires no interaction from a user. Often malware requires a PC user to, for example, click on a bad link or do something that — unbeknownst to the user — downloads rogue code.

The fact that Microsoft took action immediately to fix it – a so-called “emergency out-of-band update” – means it’s very serious.

“Unlike past incidents, where Microsoft has allowed exploited zero-day vulnerabilities to fester in the wild without being bothered to deliver a patch for months, this time around, the company moved lightning fast to address the issue,” according to a report at Bleeping Computer.

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