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Wireless Infrastracture



Throughout Wyoming, MBT Systems Administrators analyze your network or wireless network, draft designs, provide documentation, and make the necessary changes so your outage risk is low. Our goal is to decrease the number of SPOFs, increase redundancy, and make your system reliable, but always keep your budget in mind. MBT is a certified Cisco Partner, including Meraki, and
has over 75 years of combined networking experience on staff to meet your needs. 

Points Of Failure


With Wireless Networking and Monitoring, MBT ensures that when you travel from access point to access point, wireless connectivity is maintained. Before implementation, we carefully analyze your wireless needs and ensure that your connectivity goals are met.



Fully Redundant Network

MBT Networking

Our staff configures scores of VPNs each year, allowing customers to create secure connections to separate networks. Encryption techniques are used between two separate network
firewalls to keep your data private.

Networking projects tend to be high risk, but MBT has a great success rate. MBT ensures that experienced project managers are watching the project, documenting issues, and  communicating with our customers.

Sending a bill of materials out to bid can be a hassle, but MBT ensures that the analysis behind the materials list is accurate and complete.  Then, we turn it around to get you the best deal possible using our nationwide distribution chains and industry partnerships.

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