When the internet goes down at home, it’s an inconvenience. But when your business or organization loses network capability for any period of time, the disruption could end up being far worse than a simple annoyance. There are some industries where the network needs to work, period. That’s why Medicine Bow Technologies’ IT support services include remote monitoring of our clients’ networks. In doing so, we provide seamless operation to ensure that your network never goes dark.

When networks go down, businesses miss out on opportunities to make money. Government agencies without proper network security become targets of hackers looking to steal personal information. The smooth operation of a hospital’s IT network could arguably make the difference between life and death. And if a school goes offline, teachers must scramble to adapt their lesson plans. With so much at stake, it’s comforting to know that MBT is keeping track of our Wyoming and Colorado clients’ networks, spotting issues before they become problems and halting security threats in their tracks. We do all this remotely from our headquarters in Laramie, WY.

Medicine Bow Technologies is dedicated to providing our clients with proactive IT support that gets ahead of the problems instead of reacting once the damage has been done. We use reliable Cisco networking hardware and some of the most sophisticated IT design to deliver a tailored solution to your specific needs. If an ironclad network is a priority for your business or organization, depend on us to keep you up and running.