Every modern business relies on the internet to get things done. No matter if you operate a small business out of your garage or a multinational corporation in a large facility, your business connects to the internet every day to carry out vital tasks. Unfortunately, your connection may leave you vulnerable to people who want access to your information through that same channel. That’s why it’s so important to enlist the services of an experienced IT security professional to keep you, your business, and your data safe from all possible threats. Our Laramie IT consulting team is ready to be your on-call security solution.

In 2014, businesses in the United States lost more than $445 billion to hackers. That number may actually be much higher, but many companies don’t report their data breach incidents. Even a fraction of that amount is too much for businesses to be losing just because they aren’t taking their security seriously. Financial losses to companies often involve loss of customer data as well as valuable proprietary information pertaining to services and products. Repairing a security breach after the fact is exponentially more expensive and time-consuming than the proactive measures that would have kept hackers out in the first place.

Your business could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for in-house security specialists, or our IT consulting team can protect you with superior expertise at a much lower cost. We’ll develop a security plan that monitors your systems, regularly tests your security, trains your team and teaches everyone in your office about the importance of data security. If you would like to learn more about our customized IT consulting and security solutions, get in touch with Medicine Bow Technologies today. Data security is something that your business can’t afford to ignore.