Established in 2006, Medicine Bow Technologies is your trusted source for IT security, service, and solutions in Laramie, Wyoming. Our expertise has been applied to Healthcare, Government, Education, and businesses of all sizes. We think you’ll agree if your organization is able to operate without technological interruptions, you can spend your time and money where it matters most.

IT Service
We believe that IT should be about more than just repairing existing issues. Medicine Bow Technologies operates on the belief that business will be better protected and perform their operations more efficiently if they are provided with preventative and proactive IT solutions, rather than simply reacting to problems as they arise.

IT Security
Guarding sensitive information related to your business and customers is becoming increasingly important as cyber attacks and hacking rise in frequency and diversity. But security is more than just monitoring your system; we also test your infrastructure, train your workforce, and implement the latest technologies to keep you protected. We recognize that maintaining robust security is an ongoing process that can never be ignored.

IT Solutions
Our IT solutions address existing problems and are designed to anticipate future issues before they become problems. We are able to quickly and efficiently respond to the unexpected, thanks to our continuous monitoring and proactive IT approach. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s specific demands, ensuring that you get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

If you are looking for the most effective and reliable IT service, security, and solutions in Wyoming and Northern Colorado, Medicine Bow Technologies is your answer. Contact us today to learn how we can help you build an IT structure that will stand up to the test of daily use.