Email protection tools, anti-virus software, proper firewall configuration, and employee education can provide your organization with better internet security.  Many times these scam emails look very real and can fool those that are ‘on guard’ against phishing.  Yet the cost of the tools listed is not expensive and can give Wyoming managers a real peace of mind.

Wyoming healthcare organizations are not immune.  Recently Campbell County Health was targeted, according to the linked article below.  Campbell County seemed to be prepared with a quick response plan as the breach occurred last Wednesday, January 25, 2017 and they are already notifying financial institutions, law enforcement, and those affected by the breach.  Medicine Bow Technologies can help your hospital be just as prepared.

Medicine Bow Technologies takes IT security very seriously.  We have experts in server management, server management, security monitoring, secure remote desktop solutions, internet security, network security, networking monitoring, endpoint security, and are partners with security industry leaders like Cisco and Sophos.