Medicine Bow Technologies supports rural Wyoming kids and teenagers with our internship programs, computer clubs, and sponsorship for math and science camps. With this support, our mission is to build Wyoming information technology talent and keep that talent in Wyoming.

Like doctors and teachers, every small town in Wyoming needs professional IT support. Whether it is a small funeral home with one computer that gets a virus or a high school that needs a network upgrade, feet on the ground make the difference to those small towns. Medicine Bow Technologies is developing programs to put those feet on the ground and then support that IT professional with Laramie experts in the many specialties of our IT service.

The development of interest in information technology starts young.

Most recently, MBT has proudly supported Harmony School in its fundraising efforts to send their elementary students to Teton Science Camp. The fundraising banquet took place on Saturday, April 2nd and MBT was a proud supporter. MBT believes that getting kids interested in science and math at a young age builds the right amount of curiosity for later use in the IT support industry.

For teenagers, MBT is piloting a rural computer club with Lusk High School in Niobrara County School District 1. This club is a combined effort between UW’s Computer Science Honor’s Fraternity Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Medicine Bow Technologies, and NCSD1. Volunteer students from UW’s UPE fraternity work with MBT personnel to create a hands-on lessons for students. Depending upon the topic, the UW student will either teach the class or will assist an MBT IT expert with the lab for the high school students. We make sure we bring in real world experience, examples, and provide information about job opportunities. The club meets after school once a month during the school year and has been well received by administration, staff and students.

For young adults, MBT has partnered with LCCC for the past year and a half to hire interns from their server management and computer networking classes/degrees. If the student maintains their grades and completes MBT’s internship with good marks, then we guarantee them a job. It is understood ahead of time that the job may be in rural Wyoming to support a small community. Our newly trained employees may be part of a two man team providing IT support to a local hospital. What a great experience for the newly trained employee! This program has recently expanded to Casper College.

While we also recruit IT talent from the Colorado front range and nationwide, MBT realizes that our future is Wyoming kids, teenagers and young adults. We feel that if we can feed the interest in IT in a student’s home town, then chances are they will become an IT support professional and want to return to their home town to support their friends and neighbors. We look forward to expanding the programs we have created and adding more as the opportunity arises.