BAckups Blog“Sure, I have backups!” We hear this all the time, but when the backups are tested, files can’t be recovered.

Making sure you actually have point in time backups and can restore your files is extremely important in today’s world of Ransomware.  Why?   Because once you get hit with Ransomware the only defense is to restore from backup.

What is a point in time backup?  A point in time backup takes a snapshot at a particular time of the information on your computer or server.  This is important because you may have to go back in time if your equipment gets a nasty virus or malware.

In contrast, many small businesses replicate to external hard drives as backup.  This is a great strategy if you spill your coffee on your laptop and ruin it.  However, replication is not good if you get a virus or malware because it will propagate to your external hard drive and wreak havoc there too.

Backups don’t have to be expensive.  There are a lot of good products out there that can support a one man shop to a large government agency.  MBT can point you in the right direction, set it up for you, and test it periodically to make sure it is 1. Running properly and 2. Restorable.