IT security is a very complex issue. When it comes to data privacy, your organization is at a disadvantage from the very start. Over the past few decades, one popular idea has evolved from a tongue-in-cheek idiom to a stark reality for many organizations that store identity data: A hacker only has to get lucky one in a million times, you have to get lucky every single time.

When tackling the IT security challenge, it is beneficial to break down security into a strategy with discrete goals and objectives, rather than a turn-key, fix-all solution. At Medicine Bow, we use different vendors, practices, and policies to build out a complete security strategy.

The first part of any security strategy is to know your home turf. At MBT we use expert engineers and several network and system scanning tools to create a clear picture of the current state of IT systems in an organization. This frontline data is built into a report that compares the current security risks to guidelines from published by governments, technology experts, and security agencies. Once you have a clear picture of the risks inside your own network, we can work with you to identify the specific actions to mitigate those risks.

With an internal strategy in place, it’s time to make sure that the people in your organization know how to use the technology securely. We collaborate with local organizations to distribute information about security issues that organizations may face and ways to start mitigating associated risks. Some of these include Wyoming Contractor’s Association, Mountain Pacific Quality Health, and the Wyoming County Commissioner’s Association. These partnerships create a space for conversations about IT security with perspectives from outside the technology industry. This enhances the value that MBT can provide when working with your Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie, or Grand Junction organization to create policies and procedures for a secure working environment.

A rapidly evolving landscape of threats being engineered by data thieves and cyber criminals is a critical issue for every organization. For these criminals, stealing data is an extremely lucrative, full-time job. A secure network requires 24/7 threat monitoring and thousands of man-hours developing new security strategies to stop attacks. That is why Cisco Systems is MBT’s go-to for frontline security hardware and software solutions. Cisco leads the networking technology market and has a global perspective into how cyber-security and cyber-crime are evolving. They have the scale to deploy their security intelligence into their solutions in real-time and design products that learn how cyber-attacks work as they happen. This allows you to take advantage of our partnership with a global expert to make sure your data is secure.

Leveraging the internal experience and expertise of Medicine Bow Technologies staff and solutions with local and global strategic partnerships makes MBT your best choice when you need a complete security strategy for your organization. With help from MBT a security strategy can be developed that fits your strategic goals and provides you peace of mind allowing you to focus on your customers.

If you have questions about your IT security, give us a call and we can arm you with answers and solutions. If you’re in the Casper, Cheyenne, Wyoming, or Northern Colorado regions, we’d love to stop by and talk to you about IT security and cybersecurity for your business, healthcare facility, government office, or school.