1. What happens in Vegas . . .

    November 12: My visit to Las Vegas this week has been, well, probably different from any of your trips.  I am not here for fun. A few weeks ago in some fit of crazy madness I volunteered to study for the Cisco networking design certification, called the “Cisco Certified Design Professional” (CCDP).  This is a mid-level certificate, and can be superseded by a level which is even nuttier, the …Read More

  2. The Critical Factor Of Scalability

    Medicine Bow Technologies specializes in providing IT service, security, and solutions to businesses and organizations all across the states of Colorado and Wyoming. With remote monitoring, reliable Cisco networking, and proactive data system design, MBT makes sure that your business works, period. That doesn’t just mean avoiding downtime. We realize that your IT solution is only effective if it…Read More

  3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas . . .

    November 14: As part of Medicine Bow Technologies' commitment to staying current in the field of IT service, I have come to Las Vegas in pursuit of the "Cisco Certified Design Professional” (CCDP) certificate. If this blog didn't exist, I would not have to ruefully admit, teeth still clenched, that I did not pass muster on the SWITCH exam.  But the cursed blog does exist, it is bigger than Veg…Read More

  4. What MedBow Does For Schools

    Education is one of the most important institutions in American society. Schools and teachers perform the noble task of bringing up each new generation, showing them the ways of the world and inspiring them to make a positive impact on the world that we all inhabit. While not everybody is up to the challenge of being a teacher, many choose to support education in other ways. Medicine Bow Technolog…Read More

  5. Cisco’s Deserved Reputation

    If you’ve ever worked in a company that relies on an IT network and places top priority on communication, you have undoubtedly heard of Cisco Systems. From phones to wireless routers to cloud management systems, Cisco has been providing dependable hardware that businesses depend on for decades. As a Cisco Premier Certified partner, Medicine Bow Technologies is now able to use Cisco networking p…Read More