1. The 5 most-read healthcare blogs of 2017: See what you missed

    The 5 most-read healthcare blogs of 2017: See what you missed What captured the attention of healthcare professionals this year? Well, if our blog is any indication, quite a lot! As 2017 comes to an end, we take a look back at the top five most-read stories on our healthcare blog and what they tell us about the priorities and interests of our audience (Spoiler alert: cyber security is the runaway …Read More

  2. Top 3 Future Cyber Threats For State and Local Governments

    Top 3 Future Cyber Threats For State and Local Governments Law Enforcement evidence held for ransom, utilities taken offline and transportation derailed. All have happened in the last 12 months. Sometimes it feels like TV supervillains from our childhood have come to life; CHAOS, Cobra and, worst of all, the dreaded Legion of Doom. But in a world of international terror organizations and state-run…Read More

  3. What is managed services and how can it save my business?

    The term “managed services” is not just a buzzword you might have heard being tossed around at the office. Today, the concept is real and being implemented by companies of all sizes, near and far. So, what is it? Think of managed services as a way for you and your organization to offload all your IT needs and responsibilities onto a service provider. This approach takes the day-to-day IT opera…Read More

  4. Understanding your Cyber Security Risk

    StaySafeOnline.org provides some great tips that can help small and medium businesses understand the cyber security risk small and medium businesses face. Smaller businesses are becoming bigger targets for cybercriminals because criminals understand that they have fewer defense resources than large enterprises. As Casper's leading provider of IT service for schools, businesses, healthcare faciliti…Read More

  5. Managing your Personal Privacy

    Medicine Bow Technologies provides leading IT support to businesses and organizations across Wyoming and Colorado. Our company is committed to keeping our clients safe from any and all internet and network security threats. Help your family, friends and community be #PrivacyAware. Use these privacy tips from StaySafeOnline.org to get the conversation started. Share With Care: What you post can la…Read More

  6. What happens in Vegas . . .

    November 12: My visit to Las Vegas this week has been, well, probably different from any of your trips.  I am not here for fun. A few weeks ago in some fit of crazy madness I volunteered to study for the Cisco networking design certification, called the “Cisco Certified Design Professional” (CCDP).  This is a mid-level certificate, and can be superseded by a level which is even nuttier, the …Read More

  7. Basic IT Security Tips

    While the landscape of cyber security is constantly evolving, many network security principles remain the same, focusing on the way business manage their online presence and store and transmit important business information. To help you build an IT solution that fits your needs, we are providing descriptions of some of the most basic requirements for IT security. Of course this doesn’t repla…Read More

  8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas . . .

    November 14: As part of Medicine Bow Technologies' commitment to staying current in the field of IT service, I have come to Las Vegas in pursuit of the "Cisco Certified Design Professional” (CCDP) certificate. If this blog didn't exist, I would not have to ruefully admit, teeth still clenched, that I did not pass muster on the SWITCH exam.  But the cursed blog does exist, it is bigger than Veg…Read More