1. Cybersecurity Tips for 2021

    In 2020, many American businesses made changes that opened up unmatched opportunities for cybercriminals. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics reveal an increase in hacked and breached data from sources that are increasingly common in the workplace, like mobile and smart devices. These devices have quickly become integral to the connectivity and productivity of remote staff and are easier to access than ever before. This access, combined w…Full Article

  2. The Good News About Your Biggest Security Hole

    Hackers have it pretty good these days. They have a guaranteed way into your environment. It's a way into your systems that works so well they've mostly given up trying other approaches. Today, an estimated 90% of cyber attacks that result in a data breach begin with this method of attack. This method of attack is also not bothered at all by your firewalls or anti-virus software. These defenses let the attack straight into your environment becaus…Full Article

  3. Are You Ready For The New Normal In IT Security?

    There once was a time when up to date anti-virus, a properly configured firewall, and verified restorable backups were considered best practices in terms of protecting your business-critical data. Times have changed a lot, and if this is all you are doing to secure and protect your data and your IT infrastructure then your organization is at extreme risk. The things you must be doing now to protect yourself in today's new normal, in no particular…Full Article

  4. Cybersecurity keeping you up at night? You aren’t alone.

    Cybersecurity keeping you up at night? You aren’t alone. “Hospital hit with massive ransomware attack” – It’s becoming an increasingly frequent headline and one you don’t want to be a part of. If stories like that are keeping you and your hospital’s security team up at night, you aren’t alone. With rising instances of ransomware and the increasing sophistication of attacks, who could blame you? Connected medical devices, BYOD, e…Full Article