As the methods of hackers become ever more sophisticated, network security is becoming a greater concern to the businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and government agencies in Colorado, Wyoming, and the rest of the country. It’s important for organizations to protect their network because an attack can lead to serious loss of resources, reputation, time, and money. There are two major categories of a cyber attack that you may be vulnerable to:

Passive Attacks

When unauthorized users gain reading access to some or all of the information in your network, it is referred to as a passive attack. Methods of passive attacks include eavesdropping, sniffing, snooping, or man-in-the-middle. These attacks allow a hackers to read data as it is transmitted between authorized users or, depending on the level of access, find information on your network. This information can then be used to perpetrate identity theft crimes or do further damage to the network in the form of an active attack.

Active Attacks

While passive network security attacks only read your network’s data, active attacks will modify or destroy information on your network to cause a host of serious problems. Authorized users can be locked out, years’ worth of work can be erased in an instant, and harmful programs can be installed on your network. Often active attacks follow a passive attack. For example, a password could be gained by sniffing and then used to login with all the permissions of an authorized user. From there, any number of active security attacks could be carried out on your network.

To function in today’s modern world, your Colorado or Wyoming business needs ironclad network security. Depend on Medicine Bow Technologies to design, install, and maintain a tailored solution that works for you.