Here at Medicine Bow Technologies, we specialize in delivering the highest quality IT support solutions for our clients. We truly believe that IT support has a crucial role to play in the ongoing success of our clients in their respective industries. Our IT support solutions are effective, proactive, and tailored to the individual needs of the companies and organizations who come to us seeking help.

We understand that, like the government, education, and business industries, the healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges with regard to cybersecurity. When unreliable or inefficient, IT systems open healthcare organizations up to costly cyberattacks, leaving their patients vulnerable and wary of trusting the brand.

These types of attacks can be devastating for healthcare organizations, their stakeholders, and the patients they serve, which is why Medicine Bow Technologies in Casper works hard to provide top tier IT support solutions that can prevent them happening.

Keep reading to learn more about the unique security challenges faced by your healthcare organization, as well as how IT services from MBT can help.

Common Security Challenges In The Healthcare Industry

  • Personnel Issues – Whether you’re running a hospital, doctor’s office, insurance company, or a related healthcare organization, it’s necessary for multiple departments and professionals to access a patient’s sensitive information at any given time. This security challenge is heightened when you consider that some of these employees may only be on staff temporarily. IT support from Medicine Bow Technologies can help to create customized access controls so that security risks are controlled and minimized.
  • Mobile Device Issues – Gone are the days when healthcare organizations conducted most of their business via paper documentation. Today’s modern hospitals and doctor’s offices employ laptops, mobile devices, and specialized devices to speed the input of sensitive medical data. This presents a security challenge, however, and only with proper IT support can all devices containing sensitive data be properly encrypted or wiped when necessary.
  • Medical Equipment Issues – The IT support utilized by your healthcare organization must be equipped to think far beyond computers and mobile devices. The medical devices themselves are closed systems in which security risks like malware cannot be so easily detected.  “As FDA certified systems, they are not open for the installation of additional third-party software by the hospital staff,” Carl Wright, general manager at TrapX, told CSO Magazine. Everything from X-ray machines to blood gas analyzers could be vulnerable.
  • Black Market Issues – Think that hackers have better things to do than poke around in your databases and medical equipment? Think again. Healthcare data is prized by cybercriminals, who can earn a pretty penny for it on the black market. This is because healthcare records often contain social security numbers, which are arguably more valuable to criminals than credit card numbers.

Benefits Of Trusting MBT For Your IT Support

Hiring Medicine Bow Technologies in Casper for your IT support is a very important first step toward overcoming these and other security challenges in the healthcare industry.

Whether you’re trying to recover from a security breach or simply want to provide you patients with greater peace of mind regarding potential security breaches, the customized IT solutions we offer here at MBT can help you achieve your goals for a safer future. Contact us today.