WannaCry ransomware’s real victim: Your local corner store

Six out of 10 small businesses shut down after cyberattacks. Here’s why.


These businesses may be small, but they’re a big draw for hackers.

Thanks to WannaCry, ransomware has taken the world by storm, without any discretion on whose computers it holds hostage. It’ll lock down hospitals, mailrooms, banks, schools — if it has a vulnerable computer with outdated software, it’ll fall under a hacker’s crosshairs.

It’s that outdated software part that makes small businesses the most prevalent victims. Your local pizzeria or hair salon doesn’t have its own IT department and probably isn’t aware of the latest patches for Windows — or even the latest version of Windows.

“If you’re a one-man shop, it’s often a nephew or a family member who does that,” said Robert Gibbons, the chief technology officer at Datto, a cybersecurity company. “Small businesses suffer because they don’t have the skill nor the infrastructure to manage this.”

Read more:  https://www.cnet.com/news/wannacry-ransomware-real-victim-small-business-local-corner-store/

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