Businesses across Colorado and Wyoming depend on their IT network to process sales, maintain customer relations, market their products, and just about anything else you can think of. The threat of a cyber attack is a very real concern that should never be neglected. You might rightfully see a network security breach as a danger to your business. After all, if your network goes down, you lose the ability to operate, missing out on important sales opportunities. What’s more, the loss of data could make it very hard to start over. But there’s a much more serious vulnerability should your network come under attack: your customers.

Positive customer relations are the lifeblood of any successful business. If your business puts its customers’ information at risk by allowing it to be exposed during a cyber attack, your reputation may never recover. Customers could be severely annoyed by having to replace credit cards and check their accounts for signs of fraud, and that’s the best case. The worst case scenario is a customer that actually loses their money because of stolen information obtained from your business. You may even have to defend yourself in a lawsuit. Either way, news of such an affront would travel fast, and confidence in your business could evaporate overnight.

The businesses of Colorado and Wyoming cannot afford to risk losing their credibility as the result of a cyber attack. To make sure you have the best network security available, contact Medicine Bow Technologies today. Our specialized business IT support and security services will keep your company’s network fast, reliable, and most importantly, safe.